You can still buy a stereo cassette player at the drugstore

At my neighborhood Rite Aid, for just $21.99, a stereo cassette player:     For […]

Rick Baker, makeup & f/x guru, posts photos from ‘Greystoke’

Rick Baker, whose makeup and special effects work has appeared in dozens of blockbuster movies, […]

Rick Baker worked on Greystoke The Legend of Tarzan Lord of the Apes

Bibliophile’s shelves (I can quit any time)

(I’m messing around with Twitpic embeds, folks — so this is getting updated and tweaked […]


That’s no way to treat a book!

This poor, innocent book had its guts ripped out just to protect a bunch of […]

Cigarette smuggling with a book. This exhibit was on display in the Main Custom Office in Munich

Comedy news and notes from The Slap!

See the entire cover photo for this post by clicking the “photos” link below:

A funny photo shared by Rainn Wilson