The Vinyl Collector: Looking at the Whole Picture

By Alex Mosier Sometimes a rock opera leaves such a strong impression on the world […]

The Vinyl Collector -- seeing the whole picture, knowing what to look for

The Vinyl Collector: The Power of a Little Color

  By Alex Mosier Most people have never heard of the folk-punk band Larry and […]

The Vinyl Collector tells his lucky tale of getting "All That We Know" by Larry and His Flask on blue vinyl.

The Vinyl Collector: The Album I Couldn’t Give Away

Editor’s note: The Vinyl Collector column appears each Thursday. Alex Mosier collects, buys, and sells […]

The Monkees monkey around in a photo from May 1967.

New weekly column: The Vinyl Collector: For Music, Not Money

Editor’s note: This week, we launch The Vinyl Collector column, which will appear each Thursday. […] -- new music, interesting books, and more