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Whats up Chicago! Get your ass out of bed and go buy some vinyl! RSD2015 […]

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The Vinyl Collector: If it ain’t broke . . .

      By Alex Mosier Back in the summer before college, my friends and […]

Jimmy Page performing with Led Zeppelin, playing his double-neck guitar.

The Vinyl Collector: And the student becomes the master

By Alex Mosier The Vinyl Collector During Thanksgiving break in 2012, my girlfriend took a […]

Pearl Jam, Ten, reissue

The Vinyl Collector: Collection for Collectors

By Alex Mosier Nothing excites a collector of any sort more than anticipation.  Finding out […]

My Chemical Romance -- "Conventional Weapons"

The Vinyl Collector: Looking at the Whole Picture

By Alex Mosier Sometimes a rock opera leaves such a strong impression on the world […]

The Vinyl Collector -- seeing the whole picture, knowing what to look for

The Vinyl Collector: My Heart on My Sleeve

By Alex Mosier Walking through a secondhand collectibles shop, I stumbled across a box of […]

"Tusk" by Fleetwood Mac teaches lessons about record sleeves.

The Vinyl Collector: The Power of a Little Color

  By Alex Mosier Most people have never heard of the folk-punk band Larry and […]

The Vinyl Collector tells his lucky tale of getting "All That We Know" by Larry and His Flask on blue vinyl.