You can still buy a stereo cassette player at the drugstore

At my neighborhood Rite Aid, for just $21.99, a stereo cassette player:     For […]

Chart: Expenditures on printed reading materials by age

Mother Jones magazine calls this “The Death of Print” — at least on its website. […]

BV Mother Jones Chart

Bob Dylan, Lou Reed & Scott Simon are way cooler than Piers Morgan

Apparently, Bob Dylan’s participation in a Chrysler ad damages his reputation. Horrible seeing a great […]

Lou Reed performing at the Hop Farm Music Festival on Saturday the 2nd of July 2011

Sherman Alexie explains the value of Independent Bookstores

In less than a minute, Sherman Alexie explains the supreme, ongoing value of independent bookstores. […]

Sherman Alexie talks about the value of Independent Bookstores

A Wordle for us

Here’s a BooksAndVinyl Wordle:

BooksAndVinyl Wordle