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If you’d like to submit your writing (or other forms of media) to, please read the following.

Submission Guidelines

I will consider reviews, cultural criticism, essays, and journalism of 100 to 800 words, if they are written with clean, clear prose that demonstrates a good understanding of the topic at hand.

I will consider flash fiction and brief creative nonfiction of 100 to 800 words, and poems of 20 lines or less. (Formal structures and free verse poems will be given equal consideration.)

I will consider photography, whether a series of photos or a single photo. I will also consider images of visual arts.

And, of course, I’m happy to consider new songs, new music videos, and new short films, provided the format works with this WordPress platform (MP3s, widgets from sites like SoundCloud, and embeds from Vimeo and YouTube can be easily added to this site).

Topics may include books, music, movies, graphic novels, magazines, fine arts, travel, photography, retro culture, coffee, tea, wine, beer, and liquor.

For books, music, movies, etc., just about any genre will be considered.

While I’m open to re-publishing some written work, original, first-run articles will be given the highest priority. The same is true of photography.

Of course, I realize songs, music videos, and images of visual arts (paintings, sculptures, etc.) do not function in quite the same way as written materials — these types of media may very well appear elsewhere simultaneously.

Email your submission to

You may attach your writing as a Microsoft Word document, or you may paste the article into the body of the email.

If you are submitting photography or photos of visual arts, please submit them as JPEGs. I will not accept other formats at this time.

Writers must include a short biography.

If you are submitting photography, images of visual arts, new songs, new music videos, or new short films, please include brief but thorough information about your submission, including the basic who, what, where, and when type of stuff.

I will reject promotional or advertorial copy.

While press releases are appreciated, I make no promise that I will publish them in full or in part.


Write as if you simultaneously are addressing a grandparent who knows nothing about your topics and a cool friend who has a good grip on what you’re saying — and do so without embarrassing either of them, or yourself.

In other words, establish as many of the basics — who, what, where, when, why, and how — as relevant within first few sentences, and use a friendly, clear, unassuming voice.


By submitting your work to, you agree to allow immediate publication.

You agree to submit the cleanest, clearest writing possible.

You affirm that your work was written by you.

You solemnly swear that you have given credit to the originators of any ideas or information that are not commonly held by the public.

For written works and original photography (unless we have established a prior agreement for previously published work), you agree not to publish them elsewhere for 8 days.

You agree to allow to maintain your work on its pages as long as the editor chooses to maintain it.

That being said, you retain the rights to your work and may re-publish elsewhere after 8 days.

I ask for 8 days so we can keep original, exclusive work on the site for a short period of time.


I will respond within a week, usually within 48 hours.

I will give your work serious consideration.

If reasonable, I will provide advice on rewriting when I feel like the article and the writer are worthy of such advice.

I will promote your work with social media and search engine optimization to the best of my abilities.


1. I will not have time to work through editorial problems with every writer. I will extend editing help to those I believe I can help quickly and easily. If a submitted work has too many grammatical, stylistic, and punctuation problems, I usually will have to reject it without much in the way of comment.

2. Plagiarists will be treated severely. Any publication has the right to publicly expose a plagiarist.