About Books And Vinyl

New media defending old

BooksAndVinyl.com supports and critiques today’s creative works by

(1) covering record labels, book publishers, bookstores, music, artists, movies, and bands, along with short films, ebooks, audio books, singles, and music videos;

(2) publishing original journalism and literary writing — with the intention of bolstering tomorrow’s quality and variety of expression;

(3) working with a small number of undergraduate writers via email each year; and

(4) providing a place for journalists, graduate students, and new writers to publish their works.

We want to work within the “brief” or “flash” zone of various genres, so for this site, written works must be 300 to 800 words.

Our interests lean toward independent labels, small presses, and emerging bands, but we absolutely are open to works by big publishing houses, major record labels, and established artists.

Join us. See our Submissions page for details, and revisit the main page for new info and insight. And please also follow us now on Google+ and Twitter and Facebook.

Editor’s Note

Hi folks,

I edit and publish BooksAndVinyl.com.

I have about 11 years full-time experience in the newspaper business, during which I was executive editor at a weekly newspaper, business editor at a mid-sized daily newspaper and, later, features editor at the same publication.

I also used to own a coffeehouse/used-book store that hosted live music, author signings, and displays of visual arts.

I have earned some small writing awards and honors, and I have a master of fine arts in creative writing with a focus on creative nonfiction.

I’ve left the newspaper business behind. These days, I teach composition, creative writing, and literature at Coastal Carolina University in Conway, SC.

I’m also the editorial adviser for Tempo, the award-winning student features magazine at CCU.

Until recently, I wrote a column and a blog for the Weekly Surge, an alternative weekly in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Please feel free to submit your work to BooksAndVinyl.com. I’m open to reviews, cultural criticism, essays, journalism, flash fiction, brief nonfiction (all between 300 and 800 words) and short poems (under 25 lines).

I’ll consider a broad range of topics, including, and not limited to, books, music, movies, magazines, fine arts, coffee, tea, beer, wine, liquor, photography, and retro culture.

Join us. See our Submissions page for details, and come back to the main page for new info and insight. Please also follow us on Google+ and Twitter and Facebook.

All the best,

Colin Foote Burch