‘Gunfight’ video by KXM featuring dUg Pinnick, George Lynch, and Ray Luzier

This scorching rocker by KXM is paired with an hilarious video featuring dUg Pinnick as President!

“Gunfight” was born of KXM, an All-Star Team in hard rock and heavy metal.

Pinnick is known far and wide for his bass and vocal work in critically acclaimed, longstanding band King’s X, performing alongside Ty Tabor on guitar and Jerry Gaskill on drums.

George Lynch became one of the top names among U.S. guitarists in the 1980s as the driving instrumental force behind Dokken — and a competitive force behind all hard rock of the era. Few other guitarists in popular bands of the middle and late 1980s could claim Lynch’s technical skill and creative passion. He later formed Lynch Mob, which expanded his reputation as one of the living masters of the six-string.

Ray Luzier‘s drum work propelled Korn to Nu Metal stardom, bringing a fresh sound to next generation of hard rock and heavy metal enthusiasts. Here, in his work with KXM, Luzier’s unique style achieves a new level of originality.

As an artistic and political statement, the “Gunfight” video by KXM seems to be about as populist and anarchist as it could be. Surely it will find fertile ground among Americans fed up with big-bank bailouts and cop-initiated homicides.