One Tune Review: ‘Supernatural Lover’ by VanDeRocker

In the late 1970s, when New Wave and punk had influenced enough bands, mainstream pop music took on a fresh edge that in the following decade moved several albums up the charts.

VanDeRocker’s music reminds me of the best music from that era. The band must have collected the essential oils of the great albums and singles — by The Cars, Berlin, early Duran Duran, The Go-Go’s, Quarterflash, Pat Benatar, The Clash, David Bowie, and The Police — and mix them with a contemporary sensibility.

VanDeRocker sounds like wild blends of the best from those bands, reinvigorated.

In fairness to VanDeRocker, my associations between the band and its possible forerunners include only one influence — Bowie — that the band’s lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and songwriter Adrienne names in her bio, and only one influence — Joe Strummer of The Clash — that vocalist and electric ukulele man Jerry Montoya includes as a favorite.

With that disclaimer, in some of those New Wave- and punk-influenced pop songs of the 1980s (admittedly not all), the bass line pushed its way to the front of the sound mix, which brings me to VanDeRocker’s “Supernatural Lover” and a bass line that starts sneakily and then bursts into giddy energy.

Yet that’s only part of the sonic massiveness in “Supernatural Lover,” with a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall weave of sounds and an inexhaustible femininity in Adridenne‘s voice. Her vocals move fluidly through octaves and emotions.

“Supernatural Lover” is tagged “punk” on SoundCloud, and that it is — plus a lot more. VanDeRocker brings a big sound with a full heart.

Listen to ‘Supernatural Lover’ by VanDeRocker here:

Hear more at VanDeRocker’s SoundCloud page or on the band’s website.

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