Bob Dylan, Lou Reed & Scott Simon are way cooler than Piers Morgan

Apparently, Bob Dylan’s participation in a Chrysler ad damages his reputation.

That required a stout retort.


Fortunately, someone of Piers Morgan’s stature in the news media — a NPR host with 100 times more gravitas — tweeted a remark that put the wisecracks on Dylan into perspective.


So let’s recap.

* Bob Dylan is cool for helping out a U.S. brand because that brand’s success provides U.S. jobs.

* The late Lou Reed’s reputation didn’t decline because he was working with Hermès of Paris, a well-known retailer, of international acclaim, in another country.

* NPR’s Scott Simon has always been sharp, so he made the connection, or he saw the double-standard.

* Piers Morgan doesn’t understand why Dylan, who has sold millions of albums for himself, would decide to help someone else sell a product that supports thousands of jobs for others.

When Piers Morgan attacks someone, he usually does it with a high degree of ad hominem and a low degree of substance. That’s the case with the Dylan ad.

Maybe it’s a good thing the preface to the Super Bowl included a denunciation of Morgan’s Great Britain — with a reading of the Declaration of Independence.