Oh crap: Animal behavior might predict natural disasters & that’s scary considering recent events

Is Southern California screwed? Yahoo News reports: “Last month, two oarfish washed up on the shores of Southern California. While these large deep water fish are rarely seen by humans because they live so far below the surface, some think their presence might actually be a warning sign of an upcoming natural disaster.” Watch the unsettling full report in this video:

What makes the oarfish incident even more scary is their usual habitat — deep, like way deep, down in the ocean.

I really, really hope those oarfish accidentally imbibed a dumped drug shipment — because the animal kingdom’s decent track record for predictions doesn’t look good for Southern California.

If I lived in Southern California (I live on the South Carolina coast), I would be double-checking my disaster plan.


Do recent incidents of washed-up oarfish in Southern California suggest a natural disaster is imminent?

The Prophet Oarfish Regalecus Russelii? (Source: Wikimedia Commons)