To Mediaite and Matt Wilstein: Here’s who you inexplicably left off ‘The 50 Sexiest in TV News’

Chris Cuomo is a handsome fella, but did you Mediaite folks miss the rest of the New Day gang on CNN?

Tell me these ladies don’t belong on the “50 Sexiest in TV News.” I dare ya.

(And some of those included on the list? Really? But naming names would be a bit harsh.)

So here, ladies and gentlemen, are The Sexiest Hosts & Meteorologist in TV News. And, The Sexiest Morning Show in TV News. Wait — those classifications are worthy of their own H2 headlines.

The Sexiest Hosts & Meteorologist in TV News — AND — The Sexiest Morning Show in TV News

With a great big Sexiest Morning Show trophy from — yeah, that’s the ticket — a trophy from this very website. It had nothing to do with tennis.

The sexiest gang in TV news

CNN’s New Day talent, starting on the left: Kate Bolduan, Chris Cuomo, Michaela Pereira, and Indra Petersons. Only one of these ridiculously good-looking people made it onto Mediaite’s ’50 Sexiest in TV News’ list.