Corey Henry and the Treme Funktet

Last night, Corey Henry and the Treme Funktet performed two sets of horn-driven jazz jam sessions.

They performed at Vaughn’s Lounge, at the corner of Dauphine and Lessep in New Orleans, a bar that looked like a rural dive with bright color accents. In this case, the accents came from Buddhist prayer flags roped across the front porch and multi-colored neon beer signs in the windows.

The performance, inside the small venue, looked more like the gathering of a musicians’ collective.

The gig began with Henry on trombone, a saxophonist, a trumpeter, a keyboardist, a guitarist, a drummer, and a bassist — all shoved in a space the size of your grandmother’s den.

During the second set, an additional saxophonist joined, and later, another trumpeter was briefly inserted, and then yet another trumpeter (this would be the third), who stayed with the band until the end of the second set.

A rapper took the microphone for several lines of a song.

Then, a second drummer joined only for the last song or two.

Henry’s way of performing is aggressive, exciting, energetic, with an exuberance that never outruns technical proficiency. The small bar vibrated with jazz turning funky, fast.

Unfortunately, you can only catch live music at Vaughn’s on Thursday nights. The bar is in a small neighborhood. But if you’re ever around New Orleans on a Thursday evening, you really ought to make the trip.