The Vinyl Collector: And the student becomes the master

By Alex Mosier The Vinyl Collector During Thanksgiving break in 2012, my girlfriend took a […]

Pearl Jam, Ten, reissue

A Ty Tabor playlist for his birthday

  Ty Tabor, best known as singer and innovative guitarist for King’s X, celebrates his […]

Ty Tabor of King's X, The Jelly Jam, Platypus, etc. etc.

The Vinyl Collector: Collection for Collectors

By Alex Mosier Nothing excites a collector of any sort more than anticipation.  Finding out […]

My Chemical Romance -- "Conventional Weapons"

The Vinyl Collector: Looking at the Whole Picture

By Alex Mosier Sometimes a rock opera leaves such a strong impression on the world […]

The Vinyl Collector -- seeing the whole picture, knowing what to look for

A Wordle for us

Here’s a BooksAndVinyl Wordle:

BooksAndVinyl Wordle