The Vinyl Collector: The Soundtrack that Got Away

By Alex Mosier

As part of a few of online mailing lists, I got a notification about a pre-release of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack by Trent Reznor on vinyl.  It was a truly beautiful set; 7 disks, each with a separate metal casing engraved to match the respective part of the movie, a book to go along with it, a necklace flash drive with MP3 of the album, and each disk signed by Mr. Reznor himself.  The whole lot was limited to just a few thousand copies.  The pre-release price was just over $100 after shipping.

All I could think about was how movie soundtracks are never a great investment, and rarely something that you sit around and just listen to.  Even the highest chart topping soundtrack Saturday Night Fever is selling between $5 and $15 online.  After much thinking, I decided that this set, as beautiful of a display piece as it may be, was not worth the investment.

In the months that followed, the film premiered, received acceptable reviews, came out on DVD and went on a great Black Friday sale. After picking up the movie, my girlfriend — who had advised me to buy the record set — and I sat around watching it. About an hour into the movie, she asked me about the records. I explained to her that soundtracks are never really that worth it. The conversation died.

After that, I noticed her playing with her phone a lot. Gently, she coughed and said my name. Turning to her, she held  the phone up for me to see a series of listings online for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo vinyl set. The cheapest of which was $500.  In less than eight months, the set had gone from $100 to $500, and I missed out.

I made the mistake of focusing on the fact that it was a movie soundtrack and not the clout that comes with Trent Reznor and the hunger people have for limited editions. By only taking into account one factor of a multi-variable problem, I lost out on a $400 gain, and that was only in that short time. I can’t bring myself to see how much they are worth now.