Guess what’s remixed & slated for release this fall on 180-gram vinyl?

"Vapor Trails," the 2002 album by Rush featuring "One Little Victory," has been remixed and will be re-released this fall. TWO vinyl records, made from 180-gram vinyl, with a nice remix of the album's cover, too.

“Vapor Trails” by Rush, released in 2002, has been remixed and will be re-released this fall.

Vapor Trails on vinyl! The package will include two LPs made of 180-gram vinyl. It’s due on Oct. 1.

Vapor Trails has been one of my favorite albums since its original release in 2002. It’s still solid after 11 years. I’ve listened to it numerous times.

So while I’m inclined to be cynical, generally, and even more cynical about re-releases timed with the re-ascendance of vinyl, Vapor Trails is one I genuinely want to see, to have. They read my mind. They know what I love.

I’m always energized by “One Little Victory,” “Ceiling Unlimited,” “Peaceable Kingdom,” “Earthshine,” and really the entire album.

Here’s a non-affiliate link to the Amazon page for ordering this remix.