Movie trailers — ‘I Declare War’

Watch the movie trailer for I Declare War, due in theaters August 30:

See the movie trailer and poster for "I Declare War" at

Born Ruffians on vinyl records

On this recent YouTube video, Born Ruffians band members explain the value of vinyl records […]

Born Ruffians love vinyl records.

Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ short film

No one liked seeing Captain America lose Peggy Carter. At least we’ll get a chance […]

Marvel's "Agent Carter" short film features the return of Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter.

Video: Knifeworld’s delightfully weird ‘Clairvoyant Fortnight’

The video for Knifeworld’s “Clairvoyant Fortnight” is the only music video ever to feature caffeinated […]

The music video for "Clairvoyant Fortnight" by Knifeworld is delightfully weird