LP to CD conversion — equipment to change your music from vinyl to compact disc or MP3

How much money did you spend on all your LPs, all those record albums?

Luckily, you can convert those to either compact disc or MP3 with low-cost equipment. It’s the era of LP to CD conversion. Or, to MP3.

Get converting devices shipped to your house, and copy your LPs to CD or MP3.

Most importantly, keep your record albums safe at home with you, rather than handing them off to someone else!

Keep your LPs — and listen to the same music on CD or MP3.

This is the wave of the future — vinyl collecting and safe listening.

Keep the vinyl LP at home and take the CD in the car with you.

Be the record collector you’ve always wanted to be — without giving up the chance to listen to the music.

Move your vinyl to MP3 and listen to the music on your iPod or music player — get started today.