Summer albums to remember: ‘Ear Candy’ by King’s X

Great music for summertime.

“Ear Candy” by King’s X is one of’s “Summer Albums to Remember.”

King’s X released Ear Candy on May 20, 1996, just in time for summer listening.

The two songs anchoring this album to summertime are “Sometime” and “Mississippi Moon.” The energetic hard-pop of “Sometime” takes off with a catchy, upbeat, bold guitar hook and lyrics about the roller-coaster life of feelings sung with the soulful voice of dUg Pinnick.

“Mississippi Moon” is pop perfection with a hard-rock guitar. The song’s lyrics contain direct references to summertime: “Yesterday we played in our waterfall / Dancing with the summer, laughing at it all.” Ty Tabor‘s lead vocals lend a Southern touch to the wonder of summertime.

The album as a whole could be considered moody, but still summer-season fare. “The Train” opens the album with dark, psychedelic heavy-metal — one could imagine the gritty opening of a summer blockbuster movie. Immediately after that, the album turns to meditative and contemplative with “(Thinking and Wondering) What I’m Gonna Do,” a song that evokes scenes of lakes and mountains.