Listen to the new album by Radar Vs Wolf

For's review of the self-titled Radar Vs Wolf album.

For’s review of the self-titled Radar Vs Wolf album.

The new, self-titled Radar Vs Wolf album reminds me of a well-executed fireworks display — big crashes, subtle displays, and colorful trails across the sky, all the while lighting up everything around.

The songs reminded me of several different types of bands. At some points, I couldn’t help but think of The Black Lips. At other points, I thought of Vertical Horizon. The track “Upset to Remember” could have been on any of The Mayflies USA’s albums. And a couple of times, Radar Vs Wolf sounded like they were just a few doors down from Deep Blue Something’s hit “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

All that’s up for critique. What’s undeniable is Radar Vs Wolf’s distinct voice and rich musicianship.

Check out the album right here on Spotify.

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