We love VanDeRocker and you will, too

VanDeRocker, an alternative rock band from L.A.

VanDeRocker, an alternative rock band from L.A.

I like the way VanDeRocker brings a layered mix of instruments to alternative rock. Listen to “Leopi,” and if you like it, head over to the band’s website or visit their SoundCloud page for more samples.

What an eclectic blend of sounds on the available tracks.

VanDeRocker is similar to . . .

In the music, you might hear sprinkles and dashes of The Cars, The Motels, Berlin, Elizabeth & The Catapult, Chairlift, and My Brightest Diamond.

In lead-singer Adrienne’s voice, you might hear hints of Chrissie Hynde, Debbie Harry, and Martha Davis.

Whatever the band’s influences, they have their own singular voice — and signature approach to blending instruments.