With a title like ‘Vinyl,’ how can a short film go wrong?

This short film, entitled Vinyl, goes quite well, actually. Watch Vinyl below — Vinyl from […]

The short film 'Vinyl' on BooksAndVinyl.com

Free album download from Dagger Sight Records! Listen here!

I found Dagger Sight Records on Twitter (@DaggerSight) and they sent me a direct message […]

Dagger Sight Records, the DIY punk label, releases a new compilation!

Summer albums to remember: ‘Ear Candy’ by King’s X

King’s X released Ear Candy on May 20, 1996, just in time for summer listening. […]

Great music for summer

‘Radioactive’ by Imagine Dragons moves up the Billboard chart

Imagine Dragons have released the debut album “Night Visions,” and the single “Radioactive” moved up […]

Imagine Dragons and their single "Radioactive" have moved up the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Listen to the new album by Radar Vs Wolf

The new, self-titled Radar Vs Wolf album reminds me of a well-executed fireworks display — […]

Outstanding album by Radar Vs Wolf available on Spotify.

Farewell, Joey Covington

Joey Covington, a drummer for Jefferson Airplane, has died, He was 67.

Joey Covington, drummer for Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna, has died. He was 67.

We love VanDeRocker and you will, too

I like the way VanDeRocker brings a layered mix of instruments to alternative rock. Listen […]

VanDeRocker, an alternative rock band from L.A.