Automotive Americana at the 26th annual Run to the Sun car show

Pee Dee Street Rodders and the City of Myrtle Beach held the 26th annual Run […]

Auto Americana from the Run to the Sun car show.

Just in case you haven’t seen this short film featuring Arcade Fire

Watch the short film “Here Comes the Night Time” by Arcade Fire — and look […]

The Arcade Fire short film "Here Comes the Night Time"

Steve McQueen with vinyl records

Check out Steve McQueen with vinyl records! -- new music, interesting books, and more

Paul Stanley’s autobiography is due on April 8; listen to him read an excerpt

“We’ve been rock and roll for 40 years; they just joined in.” — Paul Stanley […]

"Face the Music: A Life Exposed" by Paul Stanley of KISS

One Tune Review: ‘Supernatural Lover’ by VanDeRocker

In the late 1970s, when New Wave and punk had influenced enough bands, mainstream pop […]

The logo for VanDeRocker, alternative rockers from Los Angeles

Bob Dylan, Lou Reed & Scott Simon are way cooler than Piers Morgan

Apparently, Bob Dylan’s participation in a Chrysler ad damages his reputation. Horrible seeing a great […]

Lou Reed performing at the Hop Farm Music Festival on Saturday the 2nd of July 2011

Paper is not dead! The Print versus Digital option might not be hurting indie bookstores

Hilarious — paper is not dead, and Emma is our hero. Meanwhile, “print-style digital reading” […]

Paper is not dead -- funny television ad supports paper, which supports us. VIDEO

Betty White took a roofie! PHOTO

Just took a roofie. — Betty F*ckin' White (@BettyFckinWhite) January 3, 2014

David Shankbone photo of Betty White at the 2010 Time 100 Gala

Sherman Alexie explains the value of Independent Bookstores

In less than a minute, Sherman Alexie explains the supreme, ongoing value of independent bookstores. […]

Sherman Alexie talks about the value of Independent Bookstores

Oh crap: Animal behavior might predict natural disasters & that’s scary considering recent events

Is Southern California screwed? Yahoo News reports: “Last month, two oarfish washed up on the […]

Do recent incidents of washed-up oarfish in Southern California suggest a natural disaster is imminent?